at least

Posted by Rich Magahiz Sun, 27 Feb 2011 17:52:00 GMT


came 666

at least he had shaven

Loki laughs, having read the program


motor oil drips – trail to

the lamasery

starch surpliced the boys’ knees bent backwards

cherry blossom

vortex eddies

the airlocks dogged

Europa spa methane Xweed wrap

a hammerhead drift

in the detritus

a flash

broad gunwales underwired GPS’d

solder boy

his kiss precise

on blinkety maid

the blessing over nosh: Aquamensch

gold-edged debentures

chopshops line the

Trail of Tears

panic! the fleet of the Viagrans


on a superfluid half-twist


stuffed down one sock an inverse quasar

a hot stoning

the adultress

goes down relaxed

toad time savoring a crisp cricket

hit the deck: spleen is her co-pilot

rumor has it

those points are enhanced

with real seal

the many faces of me
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