Posted by Rich Magahiz Sun, 23 Oct 2011 10:52:00 GMT

without feathers

our new friends

stubbornly Earthbound

wadded roads, a crumple of train tracks

asbestos manor

the cops found

a thermite nest

biting, clawing – the distelfink flock

tipped with ice

one golden shard

slides from heart to heart

show of hands: twelve volunteer corpses

the rotten tooth

in a wheel rut

grows arms and legs

leading my patchwork dog her bones clack

wanton organs

arrayed on the

honeymoon bed

against the late blight her hagfish pose

that famous haircut

the beau with

no mandibles

donning the grey prayer shawl – Johnny Reb


we weaned our firstborn

on a shotgun shell

whupped they gray asses round Hineytown

hail our Overlords

with trumpets’ blast!

…well, sort of

propelled by smell our garlic spicecraft

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