First lines

Posted by Rich Magahiz Fri, 01 Aug 2008 13:03:00 GMT

It was when the second lightning bolt struck him that he started to take notice.

It was always the same - halfway through the third margarita of the night he started thinking of his mother.

“Oh, just give me that chainsaw,” Father said, just before she noticed something she hadn’t seen before.

Her moans were getting more distinctive now through the open window, just when his phone started playing “Edelweiss.” He stood up suddenly and gave his skull a hard knock on the sill.

If these are fresh dinosaur tracks, she wondered, why does this one have the imprint of a zipper down the side?

We all knew Cletus was going to die, even though he had been sleeping with the stage manager.

If this phone doesn’t ring real soon, she thought, it’s going down the disposal too.

They found the secret long after the fighting had ended, after they had taken most of the dead slaves from the hold and thrown them overboard, and long after the flagship sank beneath the oily surface.

Sssst, the iNanny went, until she turned it off.

The two of them were in Ginetta’s waiting to place their orders when he started in on his theory that all rugs are area rugs. “And Dhurry is their prophet,” she replied, automatically.

“Florence! Hurry it up, why don’tya, and get your radomes over here before we all die of thirst!”

The lesions on the dead man’s arms and hands were consistent with corvid predation.

I was switching stuff over to a new PDA and ran across this year-old file.

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