the nocturnal junta took down all our names

Posted by Rich Magahiz Sun, 29 Jan 2012 19:29:00 GMT

I woke this morning with a clear view of the essential problem with the novel I did for NaNoWriMo last year, the way a mathematician might awake with a sudden clear insight that unravels the proof of some baffling conjecture that has been teasing solvers for months. It had to do with the fundamental nature of the chief antagonists in the work, who have been driving me to distraction with their work stoppages, their sudden fits of incompetence, and their stony-faced refusals to engage the reader with anything resembling interesting behavior, and it was also clear that I was the one to blame.

These antagonists were particularly difficult to draw a bead upon because they are not precisely human, conceived as mutants whose characteristics improve upon humans in a number of ways. So, it was not an option to do actual research on these imaginary entities. Fortunately, they ended up telling me what the problem was themselves in a convincing manner, and even provided some tips on what sections of the story would need to be eliminated or gutted.

I’ve been keeping a careful tally of the amount of time spent editing this book and am up to 29 hours so far. Instead of feeling like that time was wasted, I’m relieved to receive a glimpse of a way to guide the ponderous mess back onto a new set of tracks perhaps.

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